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NAKED COTTON™ Classic is extra soft cotton pads that are ideal when applying your favorite toner or essence. It absorbs liquid just enough to glide on your face without wasting it, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated. Let this truly versatile cotton sheet elevate your skincare routine.

Say goodbye to rips and pills, now you can get the most out of your products without being harsh on your skin.

Product Size

How to use

Apply toner or essence of your choice to cotton sheets and wipe or pad over the skin.


NAKED COTTON™ Classic can be used for DIY sheet mask treatments:
① Fully soak 1 or 2 cotton sheets with toner or essence of your choice.
② Place them on your face and leave 5-10 minutes as you would do with any facial sheet mask in the morning or in the evening.


100% cotton

How big are the cotton pads?

When they’re folded, each cotton pad is approximately 2 by 3 inches. When they’re unfolded, the full size is 4 by 6 inches.

Skin Type

For all types

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