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Our Story

So, How Did We Start?

White Rabbit is a team of silly beauty nerds.

We create fun beauty products that we can relate to and feel passionate about: clean, simple and uncomplicated - something that does what it says.

With this goal in mind, our team got together to see what beauty products were being ignored and why, and how we could get them to be the best version of themselves.

For starters, we noticed a lot of beauty consumers were failing to notice a very important everyday (maybe even twice a day) product - cotton pads. After trying almost every kind of cotton pads in the market, we realized that most cotton balls, pads or swabs weren’t really doing their job. They not only left dusty lint on the skin but also most of them were made with harsh chemicals such as rayon and viscose. That’s when we decided to take these items that often get neglected and turn them into game-changing, must-have beauty items.

Our first project, NAKED COTTON™, is not just cotton pads. It is a beauty tool that can one up the entire skincare game. NAKED COTTON™ can be used for cleansing, toning, mask treatment - you name it!

Our second project is White Rabbit’s facial line. Healthy skin should have a natural glow in the places where you would usually use a highlighter: your cheekbones, forehead and tip of your nose. So how can we achieve that? We realized it all starts with a simple yet effective skincare routine. Having the right product for each step and making it your E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y ritual is extremely critical when it comes to having healthy, balanced and naturally glowing skin. This is why we wanted to introduce our own skincare methodology and formulas that will ultimately change your skin care game.

We, A+ beauty nerds, have taken it upon ourselves to pay attention to what is being missed. We strive to recreate those beauty items in the best quality possible to ensure simplicity and to enhance effectiveness.

We love to keep things clean, simple, and never complicated.

our commitment


Skincare routines can get very complicated and extremely expensive, but we believe in simple skincare rituals- if the core items are great, you don’t need too many. That is why we are committed to developing the usually overlooked basic beauty items and make sure those fundamental products are the best they can be. That way, we minimize complex skincare regimens and throw out what we don’t need - think Marie Kondo for skincare.


One of many good things about us nerds is we are committed, dedicated, ambitious and ever-evolving. We are on a quest to continue to create principal beauty products of extraordinary quality in order to provide the most beautiful and efficient advice for your skin.


We believe in reducing all negative environmental impacts that are at our reach. Our White Rabbit name was inspired by the cruelty-free mark as we are utterly against testing on animals. White Rabbit ensures your safety is our top priority by creating clean, nontoxic products that actually work without harming the planet.