Plain vs. Perforated – whiterabbit-beauty

What's the difference between Plain type and Perforated type?

Unlike the plain type cotton pad, perforated type has a textured surface with holes, which can provide a bit of gentle physical exfoliation needed to remove stubborn makeup or nail polish. Perforated type cotton pad works best with Micellar water based cleansing water, toner or essence. When you need further exfoliating effect, pair it with AHA/BHA toners! 
Plain type cotton pad has extra smooth and soft texture, which does not irritate skin, perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Pair with your favorite toner or essence to hydrate and tone skin. White Rabbit premium cotton pads soak up just right amount of liquid to help your skin properly hydrated and boost skin care efficacy.
They both come in 4x6 inches full size that is large enough to cover whole face with just one sheet. We just recommend to use plain type cotton pad for toning skin and perforated type cotton pad for makeup removal :)