Who we are

We don’t facetune, we want you to get to know us how we really are. So here are three main things you should know about us from the get go - we care A LOT, we’re keen on quality, and don’t worry, we’re not high-maintenance, we like to keep things simple.

We are entirely invested in breaking down complicated skincare routines. How? We pay more attention to the overlooked (but much needed) beauty tools, we provide better quality options and we present simple and more effective solutions for your skincare regimen.

Yup, the little things make all the difference.
Some say, what matters is the end result, we say, what matters is how you get there.

Make NAKED COTTON™ part of your everyday skincare routine. See how this simple switch can help you achieve your dream skin state.

Our Story

The simplest way to put it is, we got here by being outstanding, A+ beauty nerds, so we hope that’s your type. With this trait in common, our team got together to see what beauty products were being ignored, why, and how we could get them to be their best version. For starters, we noticed a lot of beauty consumers were careless about a very important everyday (maybe even twice a day) product - the cotton pad. Why? After trying all sorts of cotton pads in the market we realized that most of the cotton balls, pads and swabs weren’t really doing it’s job. They left dusty lint on the skin and most of them were made with harsh chemicals for your face such as rayon and viscose. That’s a no-no in our book. So, make room for White Rabbit - this is where the game-changers come in!

We set out to create fundamental beauty tools that kept the skin in prime condition. So we started with our first obsession, NAKED COTTON™, a cotton pad made to one up the entire skincare game. NAKED COTTON™ can be used for cleansing, toning, mask treatments, you name it! Did we forget to mention we were versatile, too?

We have since then taken it upon ourselves to notice what is being ignored and recreate those beauty tools in a much better quality to ensure simplicity and enhance effectiveness. We keep things simple, clean, and never complicated.

Okay, so now that you've gotten to know us more deeply and you're pretty much falling for us, you might be wondering...how do we deal with the C word..."Commitment". Cause no one likes flakiness ( and that goes for people and skin... see what we did there?).

So let's be serious and talk some real talk.

Our Commitment


The one of many good things about us nerds is we are committed, dedicated, ambitious and ever-evolving. We are on a quest to continue to create principal beauty products of high quality in order to provide the best, most efficient solution for your skin.

Ethical Production

We believe in reducing all negative environmental impacts that are at our reach. Our White Rabbit name was inspired by the cruelty-free mark as we are utterly against testing on animals. White Rabbit also makes sure your safety is a priority by using clean ingredients ensuring your beauty routine consists of nontoxic products that actually work. We want to bring to your skin what is also good for the planet.


Skincare routines can get very complicated and extremely expensive. We believe that if the tools are great, you don’t need too many. That is why we are committed to developing the usually overlooked basic beauty items and make sure those fundamental products are the best they can be. That way, we minimize complex skincare regimens and throw out what we don’t need - think Marie Kondo for skincare.
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