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Winter Skincare to Ring in the New Year

happy new year!


Happy New Year! Did your skin enjoy a holiday season of parties, booze, and festive feasts as much as you did? 

Okay, that’s a trick question. Winter can be tough on your epidermis, no matter how you spend your last couple weeks of December. Cold weather is incredibly drying, and the resulting chapped skin can send you running to a dermatologist. But if you can’t get to the doctor or you’d just rather battle the effects of the cold at home, we’ve got solutions for you to nourish your skin and protect it from the weather all winter long. 

Adjust the temperature — and your personal climate

We know, all you want to do is get as warm and cozy as possible. But all that extra heat is exacerbating your dry skin. (It’s totally unfair, right? Somehow cold weather AND indoor heat both manage to be drying.) If your body can bear it, turn down your thermostat to “modestly warm” from “blazing hot.” And to combat your heater’s drying effects, consider getting a humidifier for your bedroom and/or living room. In addition, avoid long, steaming showers, as appealing as they may be — all that hot water just contributes to even worse dryness, in terms of both your body and face. 

Nourish your skin from the inside

It’s tempting to hunker down during the winter with hot chocolate, hot toddies, and the coziest comfort food you can find. We get it! Just try to add in plenty of omega-3s, which may help your skin regulate its moisture levels. You’ll also want to pay heed to your body’s hydration levels by drinking plenty of water. Furthermore, both caffeine and alcohol suck moisture out of your skin. Cut down on both if you can, or at least balance your hydration situation by adding an extra eight ounces of water for each caffeinated or alcoholic beverage you imbibe. 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Besides keeping a hand cream in all your handbags, make sure you’re using the right moisturizers for the season. As long as it agrees with your skin, now’s a great time to pull out the most emollient-rich cream your face can handle. If you tolerate oils well, this is face oil’s star season. Finally, either body oil or a nice thick body butter should do for the rest of you, ideally applied right after your (warm, not too long) shower, to help trap the moisture of the remnants of water on your skin. 

Nourish your face with a DIY treatment

Given the change in seasons, your standard face mask might not cut it. One of our favorite solutions for cold-weather hydration is to do a DIY sheet mask a couple times a week by pairing our favorite serum with NAKED COTTON Stripped. ’Tis the season for a slightly more intensive skincare regime — and besides helping heal dry, chapped skin, a cozy night in with self-made face masks is about as hygge as you can get on a winter’s eve.