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Textured Cotton Pads Are Your Exfoliating Secret Weapon


Is there any skincare topic more confusing and controversial than exfoliation? First, you’ve got chemical versus physical varieties, plus all the subcategories contained therein. Then there’s the issue of frequency. We’re used to hearing “twice a week” as gospel when it comes to exfoliation, yet legions of the AHA, BHA, PHA, and mandelic/malic/azelaic acid serums on the market mandate nightly use. On top of it all, seemingly every skincare article on the planet extols the virtues of frequent exfoliation, only to be countered by dermatologists who do not mince words letting us know that overzealous turnover (at either the physical or chemical level) is destroying our skin mantle.

Oy. All we wanted was a healthy glow.

If we can draw two clear conclusions here, it’s that some exfoliation is good exfoliation, and nobody wants to hurt their moisture barrier. Enter White Rabbit’s NAKED COTTON Textured cotton pads. We love these as a gentle compromise for easy exfoliation. The perforated, textured surface takes off dead skin cells with every swipe, but the super soft cotton weave leaves your skin comfortable and your moisture barrier intact. It’s an all-natural cotton pad that always does something without ever doing too much—the exfoliant holy grail.

You’re not going to abandon exfoliants all together here, but figuring out the right type for your face is incredibly tricky. Wading through the world of acids alone can trip up even the most devoted skincare enthusiast, and it’s no wonder some among us long for the simplicity of the retro apricot pit scrubs of our teenage years. (Oh, but don’t use that either, they say, the ground apricot leaves micro-tears in your skin. Micro-tears!) A textured cotton pad meets you in the middle, offering easy exfoliation in tandem with, say, your micellar water, and upping the ante when you use the pad to apply a product with its own inherent exfoliating properties. If you want to take things up another notch, very gently rub your product-dampened Textured cotton pad in small circular motions around your face and neck, for a tandem exfoliation session plus light massage. Our NAKED COTTON cotton pads are big enough that you’ll only need one.

Oh, and a big plus: these pads are, of course, completely lint-free. This is key, since the whole point is to take dead skin cells off your face, and you certainly don’t want to replace them with a trace of dust left in their wake. Finally, even if the world of exfoliants seems endlessly complicated, Textured cotton pads aren’t. No matter how your skin mantle is currently doing, this exfoliating cotton pad won’t hurt it, making these biodegradable babies truly suitable for everyone.