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Heal and Protect Your Irritated, Post-Trip Skin



Heal and Protect Your Irritated, Post-Trip Skin

Holidays are wonderful for many reasons — they leave us happy, relaxed, tan, and well-fed. We expand our mental borders and make new memories. Yeah, yeah, it all sounds terrific. But if traveling is so great, what on earth is going on with our faces? 

Whether it’s from excessive sun exposure or something else entirely, your post-trip skin barrier needs a vacation from your vacation, asap. But first…

…Why does my skin get so irritated after a trip?

There are so many different reasons. You deviated too far from your standard skincare routine, and it didn’t agree with your skin pH level. You drank too much (hey, no judgement). Your vacation destination was either too humid or too dry. You ate differently than you do at home, which negatively impacted your gut microbiome. We hope this isn’t the case, but maybe you wreaked serious skin damage by tanning without SPF. No matter what the reason, your skin balance is totally out of whack…

…Which means it’s time to get your skin pH levels back to normal

Your skin barrier, also known as the acid mantle, should typically have a slightly acidic pH level around 5.7. Wherever it may be at the moment, our goal is to get back to a semblance of skin balance. Now is not the time to unleash an arsenal of products on your face, but to simplify as much as you can. Think gentle cleanser, a hydrating, nourishing serum, moisturizer, and SPF. Imagine yourself soothing and cradling your skin microbiome, aka the thousands of bacteria plus 80 or so fungi species that live on your epidermis. In balance, these little bugs are friends, not foes, and right now they need some TLC. 

Which ingredients will help my microbiome?

Major skin protection is the order of the day. Go for ceramides, plant oils, and vitamins. Use a hydrating toner, not an astringent one, in conjunction with super-gentle White Rabbit NAKED COTTON soft cotton pads, or really treat your face with a nourishing DIY face mask made from your favorite serum and our NAKED COTTON Stripped. Go easy on the acids. This is also a fine moment to point out that if your standard skincare isn’t working on your post-trip skin, it’s okay to change products (just don’t pile a million of them on). Retinol may be too harsh right now for you to repair skin damage, but bakuchiol oil is a gentle alternative. If one form of vitamin C isn’t netting you any results, try another. And so on. 

Post-trip skincare at the dinner table

Were you eating certain foods on vacation you’d typically avoid at home? In the interest of repairing skin damage, consider excising those completely, at least until your face is feeling better. Drink tons of water. Eat plenty of whatever fruits and veggies are currently in season in your local area. 

And on your next trip, remember: try to stick with your normal skincare routine as much as you can, with necessary adjustments made for either humid or dry climates. Drink plenty of water. Take a night off or two from drinking, even though it’s a holiday. And keep your trusty travel companion at the ready at all times. No, not your bestie/partner/bridesmaids, though they’re nice too, but a tube of broad-spectrum SPF30 or higher. With all these adjustments, when you get home, your face should look just as relaxed as the rest of you actually feels.