Introducing Our Beauty Squad – whiterabbit-beauty
  • Rina @familia.delacruzz

    Rina @familia.delacruzz

    Hey there! I’m Rina Dela Cruz. I’m passionate in doing beauty & fashion marketing, family, travel and lifestyle blog/videos. My goal is to encourage everyone to pursue what you want and  that nothing is impossible when you set your whole heart and mind in it. I’m an ambitious momma with a big dreams.
  • TINTIN @heyitstintinb

    TINTIN @heyitstintinb

    Hi! I’m Tintin, a working mom who turns to be a skincare enthusiast. Discovering and understanding the real value of selfcare changes me, it makes me more confident. Selfcare for me is an important part of our daily lives. Taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally impacts on how we feel. With my busy day, treating myself with my skincare is what I...
  • Jenny @jentdreamworld

    Jenny @jentdreamworld

    I'm a Illustrator and cosmetologist. After I got 2 kids, I decided to stay home & take care of my kids. Being a full time mom isn't easy, but I do try my best to spend time with my kids and make time for beauty IG page. Because I'm obsessed with skincare and beauty. I love to share my skincare journey with everyone. 
  • MARTA @itsmartabeaute

    MARTA @itsmartabeaute

    Hi! I’m Marta, an Architect based in Lisbon, Portugal with a huge passion for beauty and aesthetics! Self care has always played an important role in my life and it allows me to feel good with myself. It’s a whole ritual that allows me to feel relaxed and focused on a daily basis. Being a beauty influencer/content creator on Instagram has allowed me to...
  • Aga @popvenus

    Aga @popvenus

    She is one of our White Rabbit Beauty Squads who are interested in beauty, skincare products, reviewing and sharing her opinion. She also has a passion for cute interiors.